Mrs. Brewer's Class

Please join my Google Classroom if you haven't already!  You have to be on it to complete our last assignment.  It is right on our math Google Classroom page and is called Last Quiz.

Codes:     Core 1 - 4zs73ew     Core 2 - qq3saa3     Core 3 - rb6d6hx     Core 4 - hm7te2q     Core 5 - 7iwocer

Please be sure you have all other assignments on Edulastic complete for math.  If you are not sure what you are missing you can check Progress Book or message me.  Also, if you need help let me know!


I have Zoom meetings scheduled!  Check in on our Google Classroom Page for an invitation.  Dates and times are:

Wednesdays - Core 3 at 10:30, Core 4 at 11:00

Mondays - Core 1 at 10:00, Core 2 at 10:30, Core 5 at 11:00


Also included below are some fun review videos and a site to practice math facts.  Please check back to this page periodically for updates.  



Long Division:

Types of Lines:

Types of Angles:




With the Math Facts website, you do not have to create an account.  Just simply:

1. Choose the operation you want to use

2. Choose whether you want it through the number 10 or 12  

3.  Skip giving your name

4. Choose 4th grade 

5. Choose whether you want 50 or 100 facts to practice.