6th Grade

The 6th Grade Team

Ben Hymes, Math

Lisa Ferris, Language Arts

Cortney Schtucka, Social Studies

Jennifer Nemet, Science

Crystal Robinson, Tutor

A Peek at Our Week

Language Arts

Quarter 3 will be our fiction and aurgumentative writing quarter.  We will be reading "Black Star, Bright Dawn and tie in an aurgumentative paper when the book is complete.  Students will also be required to complete a fiction book project at home.  This must be submitted on google classroom and is due March 3rd.  We will also begin taking practice AIR test to get ready for the state test this spring.



Students are learning how to find area of a triangle and different ways to manipulate shapes to create rectangles.  Have a great week!! 

Go Chipps!!!!!



Week of 1/15

We will contine to work on what happens during phase changes.  This week we will take a look at freezing and melting.  Students need to keep up with their labs that we've done in class.  I break down each lab with them to make it easier to answer the questions.  It is their responsibility to ask if they are not understanding.  Towards the end of this week, students will be asked to choose one of their labs (Condensation, evaporation, freezing, melting) to complete and write a R.E.R.U.N on to be graded.  There will also be a quiz over condensation and evaporation on FRIDAY.  

Go Chipps!!!!!!


Social Studies

We will be working on our Mesopotamia unit this week, and next. We will do a small in class assessment at the end of the unit. January 25 or 26, we will be taking our 2nd grading period assessment. This assessment will be for a grade and students will not be able to retake the assessment. A study guide will be sent home at the end of this week and a review activity will be done in class the day before the assessment. 


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Students of the Month

September - Clara G. and Jake H.
October - Lauren B. and Robbie B.
November - Cecelia Steiner and Daniel Williams