6th Grade

The 6th Grade Team

Ben Hymes, Math

Lisa Ferris, Language Arts

Deanna White, Social Studies

Jennifer Nemet, Science

Clarissa Wylie, Intervention Specialist

A Peek at Our Week

Language Arts:  Welcome to 6th grade Language Arts!  We have started our first fiction book of the year, "Hatchet."   Students have received information for their fictional book project.

Math: Welcome to 6th grade Math! The students are starting a new math curriculum this year. There are many resources to help them. If you did not receive the paperwork please let me know.  Go Chipps!!!!


Go Chipps!!!!!


Science  Week of 9/24

Learning Standards

6.ESS.2  Igneous, Metamorphic and sedimenary rocks have unique characteristics that can be used for identification and /or classification.

6.ESS.3:  Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary rocks form in different ways. 

This week students will use the unique characteristics of sedimentary rocks to identify and classify sendimentay rocks. Students will observe samples and infer how they may have formed, as well as consider the environment these rocks formed in. They will also be introduced to clastic, chemical and organic types of sedimentary rock and compare them with each other.  There will be a quiz on Wednesday over IGNEOUS ROCKS. Students have 2 pages in their notebooks to study!


Go Chipps!!!!!!


Social Studies






Students of the Month

September:  Vincent Windows and Molly Goodrich



Parents:  We are changing our report card; therefore you will be unable to view grades until the first week of October.  Teachers will email you if there are any concerns!