6th Grade

The 6th Grade Team

Ben Hymes, Math

Lisa Ferris, Language Arts

Cortney Schtucka, Social Studies

Jennifer Nemet, Science

Crystal Robinson, Tutor

A Peek at Our Week

Language Arts

Welcome to 6th grade Language Arts!  This week students will be tested on Common Core vocabulary.  We will also be working on when transition words should be used.  There will be a quiz on Friday over transition words.  We will begin our first novel of the year "Hatchet" next week.



Students are learning about using rectangles to multiplying multi-digit numbers. We will be reviewing GCF and LCM also. Students are still getting used to their teams and using their roles effectively. Have a great week!! 

Go Chipps!!!!!



Week of 11/14

This week in science, we will start our unit on Atoms and Elements!  We will begin with parts of an atom and charges of the atomic particles.  Students will be involved with many hands-on activities and station work.

Go Chipps!!!!!!


Social Studies

Students have finished up Chapter 2, Regions and Human Interactions. We will take a quiz on chapter 2 on Monday (10/2). We will then begin our group project. Students will be working with an assigned group to create a presentation about a specific region of the world. This should be completed during class time; however, if they do not complete by Friday they will have to finish it up over the weekend. Projects will be due on Oct. 9. Since we have finished the chapter, a binder check will be completed on Wednesday. 


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Students of the Month

September - Clara Gasser and Aaron Ries