5th Grade

The Fifth Grade Team

Mrs. Genet, Language Arts       

Ms. Lorenzen, Language Arts

Mrs. Schmitz, Science     

Mrs. Koroshazi, Math    

Mrs. Storad, Social Studies

Mr. Edwards, Intervention     

Mrs. Robinson, Tutor    




8:00 - 8:15 Homeroom

8:15 - 9:17 Core 1

9:19 - 10:19 Core 2

10:21 - 11:06 Expansion

11:08 - 11:38 Lunch

11:40 - 12:14 Chipp Time (Band/Choir/Study Hall/Intervention)

12:15 - 1:00 Specials

1:05 - 2:05 Core 3

2:07- 3:07 Core 4

3:08 - 3:15 Dismissal



4/8/2019 - 4/12/2019



The students will take the Ohio’s State Test for Language Arts (AIR Assessment) on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  Please make sure your child gets to bed early and eats a decent breakfast.  After the test the children will learn about the sci-fi novel, City of Ember.



•NO WEEKLY HW!  Please rest for the State test!
•Spring Break: Monday, April 15th- Friday, April 19th.

YOUNG AUTHORS BOOKS ARE DUE 4/29, for those who want to partipate in the contest! *If you are in Mrs. Storad's homeroom please see Mrs. Genet or Ms. Lorenzen for more details!



This week in math class, students will finish their unit on fractions!  We will begin the week by learning how to divide fractions and then review all other operations before taking the unit assessment.  

Due to testing, there will be no Khan Acadamy assigned this week, however, I would encourage students to go on the site and practice over break.  Wishing you a wonderful week off with your family!



This week in science we will begin by taking a trip to the CIS Stem lab to build rubber band cars! We will use the cars to practice force, motion, friction, and explore potential and kinetic energy. We will end the week by doing some online experiments with force and motion. Have a wonderful week and a great spring break!



This week, students will finish learning about  the European explorers and begin a study of the early European colonies that were established in the New World.  There will be an assessment given on Thursday, April 11th over the 12 explorers learned during this unit. Prince Henry and his accomplishments will also be on the assessment. Students have a packet with the information, and I have also created a Quizlet to help them prepare for the test. Quizlet is posted on my web page and in their Google Classroom.



Please stay up-to-date with homework assignments and your child’s progress by checking Progress Book regularly.  If you have troubles logging in, please contact our school office at (330) 658-2214.



 Students of the Month


September Students of the Month: AIRA REGAN and SOLOMON STEINER

October Students of the Month: CHESNEY CORMELL and COLE GNAP 

November Students of the Month: CALLY WEST and  JACKSON ROCKHOLD 

December Students of the Month: DANA RENNINGER and  DYLAN BRASWELL

January Students of the Month: CAMERYN LUECKE and LUKE BLAZ

February Students of the Month: LAENEY KENLEY and WATSON VINCENSKI 

March Students of the Month: KYLEIGH GARTIN and BENJAMIN PIERCE