5th Grade

Welcome to 5th Grade!

Mrs. Koroshazi, Language Arts

Mrs. Plant, Math

Mrs. Schmitz, Science       

Mrs. Storad, Social Studies (Mrs Storad's Website)

Mrs. Robinson, Intervention 





 8:05-8:15  HOMEROOM (Students will be marked tardy after 8:15.)

 8:20-9:05     SPECIALS

 9:05-10:20   CORE 1

10:20-11:30    CORE 2 

11:30-12:00    LUNCH

12:05-1:15     CORE 3

1:15-2:30     CORE 4

2:30-3:05      ADVANCEMENT


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MATH: If you have not done so, please sign up for Remind. There are instructions further down on this page. Thanks!

ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS: This week in Language Arts, students will be studying author's purpose.  They will be responsible for defining and identifying examples of text that was written to persuade, inform, and entertain readers.

Students have been given the directions, rubric, and necessary materials for the 2nd quarter reading project. Students will be responsible for writing a summary for each chapter of their novel.  They received a reading log to record main ideas and key details as they read. An example project has been posted on Google Classroom.

SCIENCE:  We are moving right along in our Life Science unit! We will start learning about Symbiotic Relationships this week. We will have a quiz on this topic either Friday, November 6th, or Monday, November 9. Please ask your student to spend a little bit of time each night reviewing their science notes from the day! Have a wonderful week!

SOCIAL STUDIES: Week of November 16- Before the arrival of the European explorers, there were already diverse groups of Native Americans living across North America. This week in class, students will begin a project-based unit. In small groups, students will research a Native American cultural region and complete a project that demonstrates their learning. Groups will create a table-top museum with artifacts, a paper doll dressed in the clothing worn in the region, a map, and a tri-fold board displaying their research. Although most of the work will be done in class, your child may need to bring in items from home to create the artifacts for their exhibit. Each group will also need to supply one tri-fold display board. If a group is unable to bring in a board, the school will supply a poster board. This week, students will work on collecting research and forming paragraphs with their notes. Students will not need to bring in artifacts and the tri-fold display board until Tuesday, December 1. 

Additionally, students will also be learning the location of the states in each region. This week, students will have quiz on Tuesday over the NW and SW Regions, and a quiz on Friday over the NW, SW, and Midwest states.



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