5th Grade

The Fifth Grade Team

Mrs. Genet, Language Arts       

Ms. Lorenzen, Language Arts

Mrs. Schmitz, Science     

Mrs. Koroshazi, Math    

Mrs. Storad, Social Studies

Mr. Steele, Intervention     

Mrs. Robinson, Tutor    




8:00 - 8:15 Homeroom

8:15 - 9:17 Core 1

9:19 - 10:19 Core 2

10:21 - 11:06 Expansion

11:08 - 11:38 Lunch

11:40 - 12:14 Chipp Time (Band/Choir/Study Hall/Intervention)

12:15 - 1:00 Specials

1:05 - 2:05 Core 3

2:07- 3:07 Core 4

3:08 - 3:15 Dismissal



9/24/2018 - 9/28/2018



The students will work on analyzing the setting of a story including the place, time, and environment.  They will practice writing multiparagraph responses comparing and contrasting characters and settings.  On Thursday the students will have their first WAD (vocabulary) assessment. Grades will be posted on Progress Book as soon as it is possible (They are still working on our report cards.).  In the meantime, please ask to see your student's binder for their current progress.  

Weekly HW:

Verb packets are due Friday, 9/28! This will be the student's last homework packet of the month.  In October we will start a book project.  

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Students will be spending the week studying multiplication.  We will begin with multiplying by 2 and 3-digit factors and end the week discussing the powers of ten.

It is extremely important that students know their math facts.  If your child is not fluent with their facts, please encourage them to practice in their free time!



We will be working with our new vocabulary in Life Science this week! We have learned Producer, Consumer, Decomposer, Herbivore, Omnivore, and Carnivore. Students should be looking over their vocabulary notes at home so they will be sure to know the difference between all of these words. We will also do a Mystery Science activity this week which will help us learn more about Producers!



As students continue practicing finding relative and absolute locations on a map, they will also make generalization about the climate found at the location. Students will also study human and physical characteristics of places around the world. A quiz on relative and absolute location will be on THURSDAY this week. Students have notes (pink handout) in their binder with terms they need to know and apply on the quiz. 



Please stay up-to-date with homework assignments and your child’s progress by checking Progress Book regularly.  If you have troubles logging in, please contact our school office at (330) 658-2214.

Parent Teacher Conferences are Thursday, October 11th from 3:15 - 7:15 and Tuesday, October 16 from 3:15-6:45. Please call the office at 330-658-2214 to schedule your appointment. 


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