5th Grade

The Fifth Grade Team

Mrs. Genet, Language Arts       

Miss Kerr, Science     

Mrs. Koroshazi, Math    

Mrs. Storad, Social Studies

Mrs. Johnson, Intervention     

Mrs. Lance, Tutor    

Miss Hall, Intervention Specialist                                                

1/16/2018 - 1/19/2018



The students will continue reviewing fiction skills with a variety of media. This will help prepare them for next week's STAR testing.  They will also work on short writing assignments.

*Weekly HW: CC book Unit 2: Key ideas and Details in Literature: Lesson 8 (Poetry) is due this Friday, 1/19!

*Book orders are due 1/19. Please order online and our class code is GQQCV.



This week in math class, we will continue to study coordinate grids.  We will begin the week by introducing negative numbers. We will discuss ordered pairs, plot points, and determine the distance between two points.

Friday, students will be taking the STARS assessment.



This week we will continue working with our Stars unit. We will then move on to discover astroids, meteors, and comets. We will wrap up our Space Science Unit with learning about the planets. 



Before the arrival of the European explorers, there were already diverse groups of Native Americans living  across North America.  This week in class, students will begin a project-based unit.  In a small group, students will research a Native American culture and complete a project that demonstrates their learning. Students will create a table-top museum exhibit that includes their research and items such as a diorama, artifacts, brochure, and a map.  Although most of the work will be done in class, your child may need items from home to create the artifacts for their exhibit.  Additionally, students will need to know the location of the states found in each region.  

Officer Gerber will be in today for DARE.



Report cards will be sent home TODAY!

Please stay up-to-date with homework assignments and your child’s progress by checking Progress Book regularly.  If you have troubles logging in, please contact our school office (330) 658-2214



 Students of the Month


September Students of the Month: Addison Good and Logan Andrukat

October Students of the Month: Molly Goodrich and Sam Petit

November Students of the Month: Trinity Shea and Ryan Rhodes

December Students of the Moth: Rachel Wertz and Talen Jundzilo