5th Grade

The Fifth Grade Team

Mrs. Genet, Language Arts       

Miss Kerr, Science     

Mrs. Koroshazi, Math    

Mrs. Storad, Social Studies

Mrs. Johnson, Intervention     

Mrs. Lance, Tutor    

Miss Hall, Intervention Specialist                                                

5/14/2018 - 5/18/2018



This week the students will finish their leveled fiction books in class.  They will complete a test about the entire book, create a project, and present it to the class.  All students will be able to use their packet and book during these assessments.

Weekly HW:

Finish daily class work if needed.




WIshing you a wonderful, safe summer break!



This week in science class students will be working to finish their lighthouse project.

Students have worked really hard on this project, and their lighthouses are beautiful!

We will begin presenting this project tomorrow to show off different lighthouses of America, and their engineering skills!


Students will complete an activity today that demonstrates how the availability of productive resources in a specific region leads to specialization and results in trade and interdependence.

There will be an Economics Assessment on Wednesday, May 16th. Students have three blue handouts with terms they need to know and be ready to apply on the test.




Wednesday, May 16th - Young Authors Conference           

Thursday, May 17th- Golden Ticket Party at the Rittman Recreation Center and Picnic Lunch

Monday, May 21st- CMS Carnival


Please stay up-to-date with homework assignments and your child’s progress by checking Progress Book regularly.  If you have troubles logging in, please contact our school office at (330) 658-2214.



 Students of the Month


September Students of the Month: Addison Good and Logan Andrukat

October Students of the Month: Molly Goodrich and Sam Petit

November Students of the Month: Trinity Shea and Ryan Rhodes

December Students of the Month: Rachel Wertz and Talen Jundzilo

January Students of the Month: Maggie Leporis and Wyatt Riggenbach

February Students of the Month: Kendall Gnap and Nate Franks

March Students of the Month: Elena Moyer and Gavin Lepley

April Students of the Month: Ava Panaciulli and Luke Sommers 
May Students of the Month: Landri Jett and Isaiah Radebaugh