Special Education and Title Services


Mrs. Lemon

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Mrs. Gentner


Mrs. Stevenson


Title I, MOST, Tutor, Intervention Specialist, Math Teacher, and Speech and Language Pathologist

At Hazel Harvey, it is our goal to meet the needs of all the children. There are many levels of intervention to help children succeed. We use many types of assessments to determine the type of service a child may require.These include the Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA), Competency Based Measure (CBM), STAR Reading and Math test scores and other screenings given by the classroom teacher. The least amount of intervention is provided through our volunteer mentoring program. The more intense intervention is provided through daily intervention with a Title I reading teacher, Tutor, Intervention Specialist, and/or Math teacher. To find out more about each of the services, please click on the list below of the teacher your child will be meeting.



Miss Sandmann(Title I)

Miss Williams (Title I)