1st Grade

Mrs. Bertolini, Mrs. Hines,  Mrs. McCall, Mrs. Nussbaum 


First grade is using the Fundations phonics program for learning decoding and spelling skills.





Spelling City

Chicken Stacker (short vowels)

See-N-Spell (short vowels)

Word magnets (make sentences)

Short A
Short I
Short O
Short U
Short E

Word Family Sort

Make a word

Long Vowel Game

Grammer and Punctuation


Reading Rainbow Activities

Dr Seuss




Splash Math

Johnnie's Math Page

Shephard Software

Moby Math


2- Sort animals

2b- Shape sorting

3-Number Order

3a Clothes Line number order

3b 100 chart Fireworks

3c 100 chart work

3d  Guess the Number 


4a Number driving

5-Even and Odd

5a More Odd and Even

6- Fruit Graph

6a Fuzz Buzz graphing

12-Adding Match Game


14d Ten Frame

14e  Base Ten Bingo

14f Base Ten Fun

14g Place Value Hockey

14h Place Value Shark

15-Number Line Jumper

15a Snowy addition

15b Monster math addition

15c Number bonds 

15d mystery picture

16-Mummy adding

16a deep dive addition

16b Rock Hopper

16c  snowy friends

17-Addition tic tac toe

17a Missing number addition

17b Space Invaders addition

17c. Peguin Addition

17d Addition in Space

17e Bike Racing Addition

17f. Balloon Pop subtraction

17g  airplane subtrackton

17h  Harvest Hottenanny subtraction

17i  ants go marching subtraction

17j  fishy subtraction

17k snowball subtraction

17l fantastic fish store subtraction
18-Math Baseball

18a Ducky race math facts

18b monster subtraction

18C Magic Triangle addition

19-Flash Card Practice

19a Missing number subtraction

19b Addition & subtraction practice

19c Addition and subtraction practice

19d Addition and subtraction christmas

19e  Addition/ subtraction quiz

19f  Addition/subtraction match game

21-Subtraction tic tac toe

21b Grouping and Grazing

22-Monkey math (algebra)

22a Math fact Basketball

23-Find Squigly
24-Number Words

26-Pizza Party (Fractions)

26a Cross the River (Fractions)

26b  Fraction Matching

26 c Fraction Golf

26d More Pizza Fractions

26e Turtle Diary Fraction Game

26f  Pirate Fraction Game

26g Fraction Fling

26h  Equal Fractions

26i Fraction Splat

27a-Time Game

27b Time Travel

27c Learning to tell time

27d More time

27e Clock Shoot

27f  Time Zone


27h Comparing Lengths

27i Measure Me

30-Money 2

30a Learning Coins

30b Counting Coins

30c Countng Coins

30d Coin Bingo

30e More money

30f More and more money

31-Match the amounts

33- Math Manipulatives

34. story problems with manipulatives


Social Science


What's My Class?

Animal Homes


Problem Solving

Arthur Games
Clifford Games
Dragon Tales Games
Scholastic Games

Enchanted Learning


National Geographic Kids-Animals

Education City


Supply List