Free and Reduced Lunch Application

*****The U.S. Department of Agriculture‘s Free Meal Program is ending this summer.  If you believe, you might qualify for a Free/Reduced Lunch and/or Fees please complete the Free and Reduced Meals/Fees Application on our website under the Food Service Department.  Lunch prices for the next school year are $2.75 Hazel Harvey and CIS Students and $3.00 for Jr/Sr High School students.  Breakfast is $1.50 for all students.*****

*Pay schools information*

Chippewa Local School District offers the free/reduced national school lunch program.  Those of you who were on the program last year will remain on the program and have until October 1st to complete and send in a new application for this year.  

All may apply for the free/reduced lunch program.  The application is family based, so there is no need to fill out multiple forms for siblings.  They can all be listed on the same form.  Forms can be obtained online, at any school building, or by email request to

To see if your household qualifies for free or reduced lunches, please print, complete & return application to appropriate building for approval.   You may also send completed application to:

Chippewa Local Schools Food Service
56 North Portage Street
Doylestown, Ohio 44230

Please click HERE for the application form for the 2023-2024 school year.

You may apply to the free and reduced lunch program at any time during the school year and reapply as needed if you experience changes to your income.

Free & reduced information will remain confidential.

After October 1st your child will unfortunately be returned to pay status and you will be responsible for any charges they incur.  To make sure this does not happen, please fill out your free/reduced forms as soon as you get them and send them back to the food service office or your student(s) school building office.  We ask that you do not give forms to teachers, as they have a lot of forms to keep track of and are sometimes overwhelmed at the beginning of the school year.  Instead, if your child could bring their applications to the lunch ladies, they will make sure I receive them.  A letter will be sent out with your children determining their status.  If you would rather have your confirmation emailed, please contact me so that I can make that happen for you. 

You may apply or reapply for the free/reduced national school lunch program at anytime during the school year.  If you have had changes in your income we can check and see if your student(s) are eligible to receive free or reduced lunches.

For those of you that do qualify for free meals there are changes to the application this year, so please read them thoroughly so that you don’t miss something.  If you do not fill out the application in its entirety I will have to send it back to you and that could cause a delay in getting your child their free/reduced meals. 

Fee Waivers are now included on the application in part 5.  If you would like your fees waived, please put a check next to yes.  Your fees will not be waived unless you do so.  By law I cannot share any information concerning your application without your consent.