Robin Coffee, Transportation Supervisor

219 Collier Drive
Doylestown, OH 44230

x-2200  Supervisor      x-2201  Maintenance/Grounds      x-2202  Mechanic       x-2203  Secretary


Please feel free to contact Ms. Coffee with any questions or concerns relating to transportation.



Lead Mechanic
Michael Rote



Sharon Edel


Bus 3
Mark Borotkanics


Bus 8
Brenda Wilson



Bus 9
Krissy Youngblood


Bus 10
Beth Wesie



Bus 12
Sarah Mueller




Bus 16
Jenifer Mclain


Bus 17
Donna Thomas

Bus 18
Ms Juanita Shager   "Ms Juanita"

Bus 19
Ms Lisa Low    "Ms Lisa"




  Our Chippewa Sub Drivers are:


Mr Ron Browning     "Mr Ron"
Mr Bob Rote    "Mr Bob"
  Roger Browning
  Susan Rauscher
  Trish Barr
  Our Chippewa Bus Aides are

joyce Napier
Van 4


  Linda Mayte


Casey Conkle

Van 2