Special Services

Caitlin Schrock, Director of Student Services 

Chippewa Local Schools
56 North Portage Street
Doylestown, OH 44230
Phone: 330-658-6368 Ext 2105
Fax: 330-658-5842

Kasey Starr, School Pyschologist 

165 Brooklyn Ave
Doylestown, OH 44230
Phone: 330-658-2522 Ext 3019
Fax: 330-658-3644

Mary Stein, EMIS Coordinator 

56 North Portage St
Doylestown, OH 44230
Phone: 330-658-6368 Ext 2106
Fax: 330-658-5842


Ohio's Dyslexia Guidebook 2022


Positive Behavior Intervention Support


Links and Information to assist you with Special Services:

Gifted and Enriched Services

Evaluation Team Report (ETR) Q&A


Services as explained by The Ohio Department of Education


Ohio Operating Standards for the Education of Children with Disabilities

Secondary Transitions

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