Math Department

Chippewa High School offers a wide variety of math courses taught by Rick McMerrell, Ken Gasser, Tim Robison, and Scott Geiser.  

Students need to complete (4) credits of mathematics for graduation including Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II or an Algebra II equivalent course, such as Quantitative Reasoning.  College bound students are encouraged to take as many math courses as possible.  

Current courses offered:

Algebra 1 Skills                                                       
Algebra 1
Geometry Skills                                                     
Honors Geometry                                                   
Quantitative Reasoning (An Algebra 2 equivalent course)
Honors Algebra 2                                                   
CCP Algebra for Calculus Plus (Semester Course)
CCP Trigonometry (Semester Course)                   
CCP Statistics (Semester Course)
Statistics (Semester Course)                                 
Trigonometry (Semester Course)
Senior Math                                                             
AP Calculus AB

The following is a mapping showing the three basic high school tracks students can follow.  Note: Movement between the tracks is possible based on student interest and teacher recommendation.