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Hello, Grade 4 Science Students!

I miss seeing you, and laughing as we learn.  Here are some great things for you to explore.

Stay Curious! 


Mystery Science Mini Lessons

How Does Hand Sanitizer Kill Germs?

How do germs get inside your body?



Assignments for April 6-April 17:

There is no need to turn in the Jr. Cave Scientist Packets to school, until the students return.  They will add the finished packets to theri green binders, and I will ask the National Park Service to send their earned badges.  Keep them safe in their take home folders or backpacks to return when it is safe.  Thank you for working on these.

We will be starting a new unit in science.  The standards cover heat and energy transfer.  We will be starting with conductors and insulators.  Perhaps you can illustrate these concepts as you are cooking together.  Metal pans, cloth pot holders, plastic and rubber handles, and many more examples can be found at home.  Thank you for your help.

On Monday, April 6th, there will be an at home science experiment assigned.  It will require adult supervision, please, as I would prefer not have your child do it alone.  If you really cannot complete it, I will be showing it on Tuesday through our Google classroom.

  • Monday- Google classroom conductors and insulators activity part 1


  • Tuesday- Google classroom conductors and insulators activity part 2

         Mystery Doug Livestream (optional)
         Tuesday, April 7 at 10 am Pacific / 1 pm Eastern


  • Wednesday- Google classroom electricity work and next Storia book assigned


  • Thursday- Google classroom Quizlet energy transfer vocabulary practice


  • Friday- No assigned work.  Please make up missing activities, including Grand Canyon reading and assessment.


           Happy Easter, if you celebrate!


  • Monday- Brainpop video with Google worksheet to be turned in from the Google science classroom.


  • Tuesday- Electricity lesson on Google classroom to be completed and turned in.  Continue practicing on the Quizlet games and quizes.


  • Wednesday- Both Storia reading assignments and reading assessments are due today.  The first was about the Grand Canyon.  This week's was about Electricity.  Check your Google science classroom for today's activity.


  • Thursday- Google classroom activity for electricity.


  • Friday- Google classroom review of the first two weeks of materials.


Assignments for March 23-April 3:

Jr. Cave Scientist Packet- Students were given a copy of this activity booklet to complete.  Students are to complete ANY ten activities within its pages.  Collaboration would be wonderful, if they are able to phone a friend and complete a page with another student.  They can also be done with a family member, or on their own to the best of their ability.  If your child(ren) do a page each day, they will easily be able to finish this.  We would usually spend time further exploring topics of interest or taking virtual field trips.  If you are able to help your kids do this, I would appreciate it.  To make completing this activity more enjoyable, I suggested they perhaps could build a "cave" with a blanket and a couple of chairs, or hide under a table while working on their cave packet.  If they'd like to share any "cave" pictures with me, I'd love it!

***Page 15 asks you to use the blue letters as hints.  Without seeing the colored version from this link, you may have difficulty doing that page.  Since only 10 pages need to be completed, you can do any of the following.

  • Skip activity 15.
  • Look at the color version of this packet, from the National Park Service website. ( No need to print the color version!)
  • Use the other hint at the bottom of the page to explore further.

Please save the packets to put into your green binders.  When everyone finishes the 10 or more activities, I will contact the National Park Service and ask if they will send us the badges you have earned.  Your families will not need to mail or bring these packets to a National Park for you to be sworn in.


Storia- Students have been provided a login and password to access HUNDREDS of FREE books for reading!  If your child was absent, and needs his or her password, I will happily send it to you, if you contact me.

I have assigned only one book to read, over the next two weeks.  It can be located under collections.  It is in the "Wilcox Science" collection.  I also placed it on their bookshelf that they see when they login.  Students were asked to read, U.S. People and Places: The Grand Canyon, and then take the quiz afterwards.

This story will allow a student to highlight a word they do not know, and it will say it for them.  Many words are defined when clicked upon.  This will help all readers who may need to complete this on their own.


Many of the children have already completed this, and have been using Storia to discover topics they enjoy...nice job, kiddos! 

Currently, our top readers include:  

  • E. H.
  • G. L.
  • K. B.


Here are the steps for login:
Google/search for "Storia".
The first option is usually the Storia School Version.  Select that.
(You may need to click the upper right corner of this page to login.)
It will give the option to login as an educator or student.
Choose student, then use your case sensitive name and password.
You can choose a profile picture, and background color.
From there, you can then see your bookshelf, and many collections of FREE reading materials.


You can all work on your stop motion projects, if you choose, but they are not required at this time.  If you need help, let me know.


Here's more from Mystery Doug.  These are just for fun, if you are interested.


How is maple syrup made?

How do bees make honey?



(  Login: chippewahh   Password:  hh  )

I would suggest watching the Energy and the Magnets videos.  All others are bonus.



7 surface tension experiments to try

These surface tension experiments were from earlier this year, but not everyone tried them.

These could be fun to try with the entire family!  (Try to wear a Chippewa shirt if you want to send me a photo of your projects.)



Where can you find whales in the desert?

How do we know what dinosaurs looked like?

Can you outrun a dinosaur?

Will a mountain last forever?


Further Challenges to Explore:

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Try to match 4 traits in a row to win!

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