Miss Massaro - Intervention Specialist

Welcome to Fourth Grade Intervention!

Hello, my name is Miss Massaro and I am the fourth grade intervention specialist. This year your child will be swicthing between 5 classes throughout the day and I will be co-teaching in your child's classroom. Co-teaching involves both the general education teacher and the intervention specialist working together in the same classroom. Your child will recieve most of his or her academics in the general education classroom with the rest of the students. If you would like to know more about co-teaching, click the "co-teaching" link above. 

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What is Your Child Currently Learning About?



Writing/ Social Studies:


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How can I help my child practice fourth grade skills at home?

  • Let them read you a book
  • Practice sight words with them
  • Practice adding and subtracting
  • Practice multiplying and dividing
  • Write back and fourth with them in a journal
  • Make them think! Ask them questions like "What do you think would happen if The United States stopped making kids go to school?" 

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