Chippewa Middle School Bands

Welcome to the Chippewa Middle School Band


Practice Incentive Program:

I have decided to start a practice incentive program with all of the grades. Practicing is an essential part of being in the band program and it doesn't seem to be happening as much as it needs to be. I know the students are given a lot of homework in their other classes so I do not want to require and assign practicing as part of their grade. Students are expected to practice at home in order to know their music when they come in to rehearsal. Ideally, I would love it if all students would practice for a half hour everyday but I ask students to at least try for 15 minutes a day. Again, I know this does not always happen and I know we all have busy lives with other activities and lots of homework. Therefore, I have decided to start this program. Students are not required to participate but are highly encouraged to do so. 

Practice slips will be available to all students who wish to participate in the program (also available in a link at the bottom of this page). Students will need to keep record of how many minutes they practice each day. This weekly practice slip will need to be signed by their parent/guardian and then turned in on the following Monday. For every 15 minutes of practice, the student earns a point. As the students then accumulate points, they then earn tickets to enter into a drawing. 5 points will earn them one ticket into the drawing. There is no maximum amount of time that a student can practice (except for the fact that there are only 24 hours in a day) and therefore there is no maximum amount of tickets that a student may turn in for the drawing. I ask parents that you please keep your student on the honor system as this is a drawing for 3 prizes. 

At the end of each month, 3 tickets will be drawn. Winning students will receive a $10 gift certificate to Subway. 

Students names will be displayed on a chart in the band room so we can keep track of everybody's progress within the competition. The overall winner with the most logged minutes of practice time will receive a special award at the end of the school year. 

7th Grade Band Members and Parents: Please keep this in mind when planning for the summer and for the future. I would like to invite next year's 8th graders to march in the high school marching band. Many schools in the area do this and I find it to be a great motivational tool for both the high school students and the 8th grade students. Your children would do all events that the high school band members do except for the Disney trip that occurs in the spring. More information regarding this opportunity will be provided to you at a later date. 


Thank you so much for you support to the arts. It is much appreciated. 


The following criteria will be used as students are earning their grades. 

Students receive 5 points every day for participation and having all materials in class. The following criteria is taken into consideration in the daily participation points.

- Students must have their instrument, book, and pencil every time we have class.

- Students must actively participate in class.

- Students must behave and follow school rules.

- No gum or food of any kind. Water only is permitted.

- Students are expected to treat others with respect as well as their belongings. These instruments are very expensive and everybody must be careful around them. Any repairs required for instruments can be very costly.

If you ever have questions or concerns regarding your student in band, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. McCleaster at:


phone: 330-658-2214 ex. 408