CIS Athletics


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Athletic Code Violations

Athletes may be denied the right to participate because of any rules violations or improper conduct in school or while attending school-sponsored events. Continued violations may result in removal from the team.

Athletic Meetings

Preseason meetings will be held for each sport. Coaches will notify parents and athletes on exact dates and times.


Students participating in after school practices or games must be in school by 11:00 to attend.

Behavior at Athletic Events

All school rules are in effect at athletic events whether at home or away.  Students will conduct themselves with good sportsmanship. Cheers and applause are acceptable; booing is never acceptable. Refrain from jeering or taunting opposing players and coaches. Contest officials are also to be treated with respect. These rules also apply to attendance at high school events. 


Athletes must meet eligibility requirements to participate in middle school sports. (Refer to Ohio High School Athletic Association – Student Eligibility Bylaw 4). Athletes must receive passing grades in 5 classes in order to be eligible to participate during the next grading period.

A physical is required before a student is permitted to practice or try out for any sport. The physical is the responsibility of the parent. Several local doctors will provide this service at a minimal cost.


School fees (current and outstanding) must be paid prior to the first contest. Athletes will not be allowed to participate until all school fees are paid. Athletes will be charged for lost uniforms and/or equipment.

Guidelines for Watching Sports in CIS Gym

Home athletic events begin at approximately 4:15 or 4:30 on game days:

  • Students will leave the building at regular  dismissal time.
  • Students may return beginning at 4:00
  • Students are to enter the gym upon arrival.
  • Students must remain in the gym during the event.
  • Students may not be in hallways
  • Students who fail to follow these guidelines will be denied the right to attend after-school events.


Students participating in seventh and eighth grade sports must have family insurance or excess insurance or they will be denied participation.

Sports Physicals

Athletes must have a valid sports physical prior to the first practice in order to participate. Physicals are valid for one calendar year.

Training Rules Contract

The Chippewa Local Schools Athletic Training Rules are distributed to athletes at the beginning of each season. Parents and athletes are required to read, sign, and return these rules to the coach.