7th Grade

The Seventh-Grade Team

Mrs. Coney, Science
Ms. Lorenzen, Reading
Mrs. Marshall, Writing
Mrs. Rossi, Social Studies
Mr. Geiser, Math


Upcoming Events

March 23rd  Report cards will be sent home.

May 14th  Science Fair


This week in Science....

Students received their Science Fair packets on March 16th.   They need to fill out the second page and turn it in with a parent signature tomorrow (March 20).  Parents need to approve their child’s choice of partners. The due dates for the Science Fair are on page 3 of the newsletter.  The Science Fair will be held on Monday, May 14th.   Projects are turned in by 7:30am on May 14th.  The judges will evaluate all the projects from 7:45-3:00pm.  The students return at 5:15pm.  Parents, friends and relatives are invited to attend the Science Fair from 5:15 to 6:30pm.

We have been focusing on a positive growth mindset this year at CMS.  We had an activity on Friday to help reinforce this. The Growth Mindset Theme for Friday was “No matter what life throws at you, you can come out on top.”  All students that had all their assignments turned in for the third quarter were eligible to see one of the movies that focused on this theme. The movie “The Underdogs” was shown in my classroom and on Friday night a great example of this happened in the NCAA basketball playoffs.  The number 16th seed, UMBC (University of Maryland Baltimore County) shocked the number one seed Virginia.  The last time this happened was 34 years ago (136 tries). 
f you have questions or concerns, please email me at chip_coney@tccsa.net


Monday          Science Fair permission slip

Tuesday         Project Research

Wednesday    Project Research

Thursday       Science Fair

Friday             Report Cards will be sent home.


7th Grade Writing

March 19-23, 2018

Students have received their March RAFT sheets.  Due dates will be listed on this page AND copies of the RAFT will be posted on my class page in Progress Book.  We will work on RAFTS only due to test preparation.   We will be continuing our Argument Writing Unit with the specific parts to Argument Writing.  We will continue to review Parts of Speech and Types of Sentences (simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex).   Please let me know if you have questions about what we are doing in class. 

  • March RAFT FC (1) – 3/23

Mrs. Marshall

chip_lmarsa@tccsa.net or 330.658.2214 ext. 422



Mr. Geiser’s Weekly

                                                                                              March 19th-March 23rd                                                                                               

7th grade math- This week we will be review operations with fractions (Add, Sub, Mult, divide) with mixed numbers. Students will have an opportunity every day to practice and there will be a quiz Friday.


Pre-Algebra- We are getting into the Geometry portion of the year!! Students will be having a quiz on Friday identifying angle names and also filling in their degree measures!



This week we will be reviewing POINT OF VIEW.  We will be reading short stories to practice determining the POINT OF VIEW.

Skills: Adding vocabulary: First person, Third Person, Third Person Omniscient, Third person Limited, narrator, tone, mood.

Assessment: Quiz on Thursday

Google Classroom:  There are some quiz-lets on Google classroom for the students to practice their vocabulary.  They can access this at home to practice.



Week of 3/19/18

This week we will study the following:

1:   Finish Crusades

      Effects of Crusades.

      Chapter 18 - Section 2

2:   Magna Carta

3.   Test on Thursday


Mr. Terry Sample (sub for Mrs. Rossi)






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