Hazel Harvey Student Handbook 2021/2022

All the staff and volunteers of Hazel Harvey Elementary School welcome you to an exciting new year. We hope you will set your goals high to become a positive learner and a role model for your peers. You will have many opportunities to gain knowledge in a variety of ways. You will also have the opportunity to participate in many activities that will generate years of memories.

You are encouraged to develop special friendships with students and teachers from your grade level team. All of the teachers, specials teachers, secretaries, administrators, cafeteria and custodial workers are here to help you. Our goals are to help you obtain your optimum performance. Set your goal to be successful, and we are all on board to make that happen for you.

Success requires a positive effort and a commitment. Being attentive to the teacher, participating in class, completing tasks on time, and striving to do your best are just a few of the commitments you need to obtain. You need to always believe in yourself and have a positive attitude.

Parents, too, are an important part of your success. Ask your parents for help with your schoolwork. Share with your parents what you have learned each day. Work with your parents on establishing a study area and a study time at home. Your success is a team effort--a team made up of your school, your parents and yourself. Strive for excellence this year and enjoy your year!!!