Hello and Welcome to the Hazel Harvey Music Page!


Mrs. Madonna is the music teacher here at Hazel Harvey Elementary and she is currently having a wonderful time working with your children!  She grew up just north of Columbus, OH and has been living in the Akron area for the past four years.  She is an Ohio University Bobcat, has a dog named Martha, a husband named Matt, and a one year old son, Paxton.  After being a part of different music organizations for more than 16 years, she is excited to teach your children what all music can do for them!

Classwork for Students: March 23 - April 3

Children that were at school on 3/13 should have received a worksheet to complete during the next two weeks.  Children that were not at school on 3/13 should have a copy of the worksheet in their packet that will be picked up from Hazel Harvey.  Digital copies of the worksheets are available for download at the bottom of the page.

Grade Level Concerts

Until furtner notice, the 1st grade concert scheduled for 3/26 is cancelled.

What to Wear

The Concert Attire Motto is "Look nice!"  Unless otherwise stated, the defult is nice clothing.  I do not want you to feel obligated to purchase new clothing for a 30min concert!

Girls:  Dresses, skirts, blouses, flats, sweaters, etc.

Boys:  Slacks, khakis, polos, button up shirts, dress shoes, etc.

Avoid:  T-shirts with writing, jeans, sweat pants, athletic clothing.

Also, make sure that the outfit still follows school dress code.


Grade Level Overviews

In case you are wondering, let’s give a quick overview as to what your children will be learning in music this year.

Kindergarten:  We will be doing a lot of singing and dancing!  We will be developing our skills at finding the “big beat,” pitch accuracy and basic rhythm.  Also, we will be learning the differences between highs and lows, loud and soft and different instrument sounds.  Music is always going to be fun!

1st Grade:  We have our first music program this year so we will be spending time getting prepared for that!  We will continue to work on our singing voices, pitch accuracy, rhythm, and keeping a steady beat.  Working with big and expensive instruments requires a lot of self control; so get ready to be responsible too, because this will be our first year really getting into different instruments like the drums and xylophones. 

2nd Grade:  We are starting to get into the intense aspects of music.  Music terminology, note names, solfege, and more rhythm (reading and repeating).  We will also be working on our music program with singing and playing instruments.  Music critiquing and critical thinking will be other skills that we will be working on this year!


Some Fun Websites to Further Your Learning!


Attached you will find fun and free music apps that you can download for your child to play at home!

For more awesome music apps, visit here!