Chippewa Schools closed until further notice

Dear Chippewa Families,

The Chippewa Local School District recognizes there are concerns about the encroaching spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and the impact on students and their instructional growth.  Chippewa Local Schools will be closed starting Friday, March 13, at 4 PM until further notice.  Our estimated return to school day is Monday, April 6.  All school events, practices and contests will be postponed until further notice.  No activities will be allowed in the school buildings during this time period.

Chippewa Educational Staff will continue to serve the children of Chippewa by designing and creating valuable instructional packets for your son/daughter.  These learning packets will be given to students at Hazel Harvey today, March 13. CIS students will receive their packets today and through their Google accounts and the Jr-Sr High School will disseminate materials through various electronic means.  Our expectation is to maintain the academic growth of your child in these upcoming weeks.  The teachers will the support of all parents, to reach this desired outcome.   Creating a specific time for your child to complete school work will be very helpful. With younger children, please take the time to read with them and discuss the work in their packets.  All the teachers and educational staff will make themselves available through email to support their students.

Our food service department is designing a plan to ensure students on the free lunch program will continue to receive meals on a daily basis.  Our transportation department will provide the necessary support to deliver these meals. Chippewa Local Schools will assist families and children with all possible means at our disposal.   Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s Principal if any help is needed.   

As Superintendent of Schools, this type of disruption is not something one can plan for, but the resiliency of our staff makes me proud to be the Superintendent of such a fantastic school system.  Collaboratively, we will work through this situation, learn and grow from it, and become a stronger educational organization. 



Todd S. Osborn, Superintendent

Chippewa Local Schools